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    Caterpillar 200kVA Prime 220kVA Standby

    £21 405

    Caterpillar 200kva 2018

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    Stock id DE220E0
    • 418ltr Fuel Tank
    • 12v Control System
    • 3 Pole Circuit Breaker
    • CE Certificate
    • Electronic Governor
    • EMCP 4 Control Panel
    • Emergency Stop
    • Fuel Contents Gauge
    • High Engine Temperature Protection
    • ISO8528 Works Test
    • Lifting eye
    • Low Oil Pressure Protection
    • Neutral earth link
    • Optional mains battery charger
    • Optional mains coolant heater
    • Overspeed Protection
    • Radiator Drain Valve
    • Sound attenuated enclosure
    • Standard wet cell battery
    • Tropical Radiator
    Seller Note
    All of the Caterpillar Generators we offer are made in Larne, Northern Ireland. Due to our relationship with Finning (UK) Ltd, we have access to a large stock and able to deliver within 48 hours of order. We work with Finning to be able to offer a full support and warranty package lasting up to 4 years if standby.Cat® is the world’s largest manufacturer of diesel generator sets and engines, offering the largest range of gen set specifications available. Coupled with our unbeatable knowledge, expertise and service, we can offer you a world class power solution, whatever the application or operating conditions.If you would like further technical information, please contact us for a datasheetCat Diesel Generator Features
    • Powered by a Cat engine
    • Wide range of factory-designed options
    • Easy to specify, permit, install and test
    • World-class fuel efficiency and low life cycle costs
    • Excellent emergency response and steady state performance
    • Emissions compliance with most worldwide regulations
    • Single source and turnkey support