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Off-grid solutions


The presence of a functional single or three phase electricity supply is not always as obvious as it would seem to be. An insufficient infrastructure or cost is often the cause for connection to the National Grid.  Things become even more difficult when there is no grid at all. And yet you are in need of a reliable electricity supply. A local and properly functioning system is the only answer at this point.

We offer you a solution in these cases for both single & three phase applications.

We are proud to offer you our modern bespoke systems using Victron Inverters, UK manufactured generators & high quality battery banks for freedom and independence.

We design, supply, install & maintain your system across the UK and its Islands so you can be sure that you have Energy, Anytime, Anywhere.

The GES fully integrated off grid power solution offers the ultimate in balanced power production for both domestic and commercial applications. The system comprises of an efficient generator, matched with the GES Inverter System, and robust deep discharge batteries. This sophisticated micro-generation system is optimised to provide automatic and reliable power for every minute of the day, in the most efficient way possible.

System Overview

Using a stand-alone generator to power an application means you either have to leave it running, or manually start it as and when required. The first option uses masses of fuel and increases maintenance costs, while the second option is clearly very inconvenient. By matching a GES Battery Storage System with an efficient auto-start generator, you can however overcome these issues.

Our GES Battery Storage System automatically manages your auto-start generator to ensure electricity is available 24/7, whilst at the same time reducing the run-time of the generator. The System uses the surplus power from the generator to charge the battery bank. It then uses the stored DC power in the battery bank to power the inverter, which provides pure sine wave 230V AC power when the generator is not running. As a direct result of the generator not needing to run for so long, you can benefit from significant savings in fuel usage and maintenance costs. Another benefit of our System is that any equipment sensitive to power spikes can be used with confidence, as the AC output from the inverter is in most cases ‘cleaner’ than mains electricity.

System Features

  • 24/7 reliable mains equivalent power (230V AC @ 50Hz, pure sine wave) for mixed load applications.
  • All elements of the integrated solution are supplied from a single reliable supplier.
  • Rapid installation and easy operation.
  • Offers significant increases of generator life, and reduces fuel and maintenance costs.
  • Maximises fuel efficiency of the generator which automatically runs only for periods of heavy electrical use and battery charging.
  • Provides the ultimate in integrated off grid power supply and management for domestic, farm, military or business.
  • Rugged and reliable equipment designed to offer a long service life.

Additional Renewable Options

The sophisticated microprocessors in our System are able to accommodate additional battery charging from renewable electricity generators such as wind turbines, hydro generation systems, and solar photovoltaic (PV) panels. This option offers further fuel saving and carbon reducing enhancements, and results in a further reduced need to run the generator.