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    Recent Projects

    January 2022

    We have started the new year by installing a standby Caterpillar DE88GC and ATS panel at our favourite dairy and ice cream parlour in Derbyshire. We even made friends with the residents.

    June 2021

    We have been busy installing a 9kW Lithium Battery Bank made up of 4 batteries complete with a Victron Quattro 10kW Inverter in a weatherproof steel enclosure with remote viewing device. This is now programmed to work alongside a 12kVA generator installed by us the month before in a rural location in Oxfordshire.

    April 2021

    We’ve enjoyed a week in the sun installing 2 x 300kVA Perkins Generators and a 9000 ltr fuel tank at a wild mushroom Farm in Leicestershire.

    February 2021

    A swap from an old CAT DE150 to a brand new CAT DE150 at a water treatment works. The old one has gone back to our workshop for a full overhaul and clean before being returned back to site as a back-up.

    January 2021

    Some happy customers with their brand new Cat & Perkins generators.

    2020 was certainly a year none of us predicted but we were still able to complete some nice installation projects.

    July 2020

    We have been working in Wimbledon over the summer installing a 200kVA standby generator, exhaust system, fuel tank and over 50 ATS panels, its certainly kept us busy during lockdown!


    April 2020

    We have been busy installing a 300kVA Perkins standby generator and exhaust system at in Liverpool.


    September 2019

    We’ve been working like squirrels at harvest time over the summer, preparing for our biggest job to date; supplying and installing a 3000kVA synchronised system at a recycling plant including six 550kVA Cat generators, two 20,000 litre fuel tanks and a 20ft switchgear container.
    Its certainly going to keep us busy for a few more weeks so check back for more pictures once we’ve taken everything to site and began the installation.

    June 2019

    We have made this Perkins 200kVA generator for a hire company in Holland with the specific request of 13 different sized sockets. This is a very labour intensive task but we are happy with the result and hope the customer is too! Shipping to Holland took only 2 days from leaving our workshop in Chesterfield.

    May 2019

    We are very privileged to have supplied and commissioned 2 Brand New Caterpillar C15-550 Tier 3 Generators to the ‘Five Billion Pound Super Sewer’ in London. We have watched the programme and now we can say we have our generators in there, it was certainly an experience being on site but unfortunately we were not allowed to take pictures.

    These generators have been put in for standby use when the sewer is completed in 2020.

    April 2019

    Back in October 2018, we supplied a Caterpillar DE110 to a poultry farm in Wales and now the site is ready for the generator to be installed and commissioned.

    The generator has been put in as standby to power the whole farm in case of a power outage.

    November 2018

    We have been busy installing a CAT DE300 at a garden centre in Surrey and servicing a CAT DE165 at a quarry in the Midlands which we supplied to them earlier in the year.

    September 2018

    We pride ourselves on being there for our customers no matter what day or time it is.

    We received a phone call on a Saturday morning from a long term customer in Humberside, whose Perkins 60kVA had broken down which he uses for his scuba diving business. From the description of the issue, we knew it wouldn’t be a quick fix and he desperately needed the generator for lessons he had booked in. Thanks to our relationship with a national generator hire company, we were able to organise a hire set which we collected on the Saturday afternoon and installed on the Sunday morning ready for his lessons. Upon further inspection of the Perkins, we then had to advise him that the it wasn’t feasibly repairable so he opted to purchase a brand new Caterpillar DE88. Again, thanks to our relationships with our suppliers we were able to collect this new set on Monday and delivered and installed on Tuesday.

    So within 4 days of breaking down he had a brand new shiny Caterpillar which he can now rely on and proudly show off to his divers and visitors.

    August 2018

    We have installed a Briggs & Stratton G140 at a residential property in Suffolk along with an ATS panel to allow for a smooth switch over when there is a power outage and then again when the mains power returns.
    These sets are ideal for home back-up power as they are quiet, look smart and running off LPG makes them easy to manage.
    For more information click here

    July 2018

    A long term customer who runs a horse rehab clinic was having problems with the efficiency of her 60kva Perkins generator so we advised to run it up against a load bank and it was clear that there was a significant carbon build up due to the generator only running at around 25% of its capacity. After an hour or so the generator was running like new.

    February 2018

    We travelled up to Glasgow to install a DE220 at a hotel in a remote location prone to power cuts. The generator has to provide power to the hotel, spa and restaurant. An ATS panel was installed to provide a smooth changeover.

    January 2018

    We have been busy installing a DE165 and 2 x DE220 Caterpillar’s at a working farm in South Yorkshire. The DE165 is to provide back up power to the owner’s house and the 2 x DE220’s are to provide power for the farm shop and visitor facilities.
    The job also involved installing 3 ATS panels and running over 100 metres of cable in difficult conditions during the cold and snow.