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    To keep your generator in the most efficient working condition we recommend each generator is serviced on a regular basis. A Prime generator should be serviced at every 500 hours accrued, a Standby generator should be serviced annually.

    We can service all the main UK and European brand of generators regardless of if we have supplied or installed it, including Perkins, Caterpillar, Volvo, Cummins & FG Wilson all over Great Britain.

    Our customers include

    • A waste recycling centre in Sheffield
    • A wood cutting & drying facility in the Peak District
    • An outdoor scuba-diving facility in Humberside
    • An auction house in Central London
    • A bio-pharmaceutical company in Greater London
    • An animal rescue charity in Greater London
    • Private residences in areas including South Yorkshire, Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire & Cornwall

    What we do as standard:

    Lubricating System
    Change engine lubricating oil
    Change engine lubricating oil filter
    Check engine oil for leaks

    Fuel System
    Change fuel filter(s)
    Check fuel tank breather
    Check fuel system pipes and unions for leaks
    Check operation of engine governor and stop controls
    Check operation of fuel system priming pump
    Check fuel level

    Cooling System
    Check coolant and antifreeze content and top up as necessary
    Check coolant filter
    Check for coolant leaks
    Check condition of hose and clips
    Check condition of fan belts and adjust or renew
    Check water pump and lubricate
    Check and lubricate fan hubs and idlers
    Check condition of radiator and clean fins

    Air Intake System
    Check and replace engine air filter if required
    Clean and check air cleaner
    Check turbocharge operation
    Check all inlet manifolds and gaskets

    Exhaust System
    Check & tighten manifold nuts and screws if necessary
    Check for leaks & signs of blowing
    Check silencer and piping
    Drain moisture trap in exhaust if fitted

    Engine Electrical System
    Check battery level and connection
    Check charging system
    Check operation of starting system

    Check bearings and lubricate
    Check engine alternator/engine alignment & coupling

    General Maintenance
    Check engine mounting bolts
    Check engine/alternator anti-vibration mountings
    Check and clean engine crankcase
    Lubricate all engine linkages

    Canopy (If fitted)
    Check for scratches or paint blemishes and advise user
    Check keys present and lockable

    Start the generator and check for leaks, loose connection and abnormal operating conditions. Correct as necessary.
    Initiate automatic start and transfer the load if desired by customer.
    If required return set to Standby set up.

    Please contact us if you would like a no-obligation quotation.

    Fuel Filling Service

    Did you know we can fill your generator with up to 1000 litres of red diesel? Please ask for current prices when booking your service.

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